It’s Been A While…

I haven’t posted anything in close to a year, and I’m not even sure why.  I would think about it, I just could not seem to find the spirit to write anything.  The name of this Blog is “Thinking Out Loud”, so obviously it concerns the things that go through this brain of mine.  However, if I had written anything about what was going through my brain over this last year, it would be a mess of mumbo-jumbo.  Don’t think so?  Continue to read…(side note: all Bible verses are from the KJV, which I have had and studied for 40+ years)

  • Maybe Flat Earth is a thing?  I don’t feel like I’m moving at a high rate of speed while strolling along here.
  • Why is the word “fryingpan” in KJV Leviticus 2:7 and 7:9?  And shouldn’t it be two words?
  • Did they really have “cottages” in Jerusalem during Isaiah’s time?  Isaiah 24:20 seems to think so.
  • Why can I sit outside at night time and watch the moon slowly travel across the sky with the stars?  Shouldn’t it be moving at a different speed than the earth is, or the stars?  Maybe Flat Earth is a thing?
  • Who is Q?  Is it a group of people, or just one person having a good time at people’s expense?  Is this a set-up?
  • Did the Lord’s Prayer never say “forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us”?  What prayer have I said almost nightly for 40+ years and why was it taught to me like that if it wasn’t what Matthew 6:9-13 actually said?  Why not just teach me what the Bible actually said?
  • “Spain” is in the Bible in Romans 15:24 and 15:28?  Seriously?  How odd that seems.
  • Why should people think it odd that my two sons, in their 20s, live in my house with me and my husband?  We have enough room, they have their own floor and bathroom (a must!!).  Where does it say at a certain age that families must split up?
  • Why are the stars in the same places year after year if we are all spinning through the galaxy at rates of speed different from them?  Yet there they are.  Orion’s Belt, The Big Dipper, Venus, Mars.  And the astronomers can tell me exactly when and where I can see them in the sky.
  • I think I fell down a Rabbit Hole, where up is down, and nothing I though I knew makes sense.  What if Flat Earth is a thing?
  • Why is the word “presidents” used in 5 different places in Daniel 6:2-6:7?  I am losing my mind.
  • Psalm 96:10 states “…the world also shall be established that it shall not be moved…”
  • Is the Bible saying the earth is not moving at high rates of speed through outer space?  Is Flat Earth a thing?
  • The word “stuff” is in the KJV Bible 13 times?  Genesis 45:20 “Also regard not your stuff; for the good of all the land of Egypt [is] yours.”  My brain is on overload.

This is just a small sample of what goes through my brain on a daily basis.  How is it possible to sit and write short essays on what I am thinking, when I am not sure what I am thinking?  At the very least, it is not possible to have a conversation with anyone “normal” about these things, because they immediately start to argue how wrong I am, and that this is all crazy talk.  Family, friends, my husband…the list grows longer each day with the ones I no longer have the “what if” conversations with, which is kind of sad in a way.

My conclusions thus far?  I am not a conspiracy theorist, I prefer Critical Thinker.  Things that make you think outside the box should also make you curious enough to study and research, even if it turns out that you (I) am wrong about some things. And maybe, just maybe, Flat Earth IS a thing.

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3 Responses to It’s Been A While…

  1. We have somethings in common – I too have not blogged in almost a year. I just did my first share yesterday. I am hopeful to continue as for me it’s about my thoughts being read by my future generations – the grandchildren I may have one day or the great great grand-babies. My grandmother instill God in my heart and I want to do the same. ❤ I hope you continue on your journey of thinking out loud. 🙂

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