Are All Prayers Equal?

This is the thought that has crossed my mind more than once.  There is the reason behind the question, just bear with me.

Say a family member is sick, or going through something difficult, anything along those lines.  You are praying for them.  But you also go through either a prayer line or post on social media for a special prayer request, even as a unspoken request with no names mentioned.  Most of the time, people will respond with “praying” or something like that.  Which is wonderful, as praying is a special gift that all people can do, no matter their religion or beliefs, which is what most of us are taught.  From this comes my question.

I am a Torah Keeper.  I don’t have an exact name, like Baptist, Catholic, Hebrew Roots, Mormon, etc.  I follow Torah and keep the Sabbath, trying to live as close to Yeshua HaMashiach as I can.  There is no religious name or title I am comfortable identifying with, as I do not agree with all of their beliefs, especially about the law and commandments.  Do I condemn them?  No, because as Philippians 2:23 says…”work out your own salvation with fear and trembling”.  It is not for me to say I am right and someone else is wrong.  If you are convicted your beliefs match YHWH’s word and the Bible, who am I to disagree?  I can only live my life in the way I feel is the way YHWH leads me, with the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) as my guide, and my life as my witness.  But I have gotten side-tracked.  Back to the question.

I have asked for prayer requests many times for myself or others who are in need.  But if I do not have the same beliefs as the ones I request prayer from, does this matter?  If I even think a little that their beliefs are not on the correct track, that their Messiah is different from mine, that they are praying to idols, or anything along these lines, should I be asking for their prayers?  Does it matter?  Are all prayers equal?

This is a serious question.

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