Why Keep the Sabbath?

This is a question my family has asked me many times.  I come from a Baptist family and until 2008, that was the church of choice.  I was active in my local church, worked with the teens and was in a ladies study group. Actually it was the study group that brought me to where I am today.  We were doing a study of Jesus’ life and how we were to live like he did.  WWJD was everywhere.  This was our goal.  And so I started to prepare for my turn to lead the weekly study.

I didn’t keep the Sabbath, I had been taught that Sunday was now the day to worship.  I didn’t have to keep the law or study Torah, because all that had been done away with when Jesus’ nailed the law to the cross.  I could eat whatever I wanted, because Jesus made all things clean.  I could do what I wanted, within reason of course, through the week, as long as I asked for forgiveness during church services on Sunday.  The list goes on and on with these type of things.  Several of my uncles and cousins are preachers, so if this was not the truth, they would have told us during their preaching on Sunday.

Boy, was I in for a rude awakening.  The more I studied Jesus’ life, the sadder I became.  I was nothing like this person I was studying.  He was a Sabbath keeping, Torah reading, clean eating, tallit wearing, commandment keeping, law-abiding Servant of the Most High whose name was Yeshua.  He followed every law and commandment given in the Torah.  He followed His Fathers instructions perfectly to show it could be done.  He kept the Biblical feasts and traveled to Jerusalem for the feasts that were to be kept there as well.  He was the role model I was taught to strive to be like, and yet I did none of these things.  Not in the way he did.  What had happened?

I prayed for God to open my eyes.  This began a long, slow un-learning process of what I thought I knew and a deeper study into the life of Yeshua.  This has enriched my life more than I ever thought possible.  There is a love from YHWH and Yeshua that I was missing until I was 40 years old.  It is a deeper love than I could ever have imagined.

I started with something simple.  The Sabbath.  A day set aside to rest in YHWH and study his Word, to rest from the trials of the week, and spend time with our Heavenly Father.  It was difficult at first, because Saturday is the day we go shopping, to ball games, to catch up on the chores we have left from the work week, and on and on.  When am I supposed to do these things, if not on Saturday?  But once I stopped and just began to follow the Word, the guidelines HE set up for us, I found that if I rest on Sabbath, I have more time and energy to do the other things during the week.

The Sabbath was not set aside or changed to another day, no matter what someone says or teaches.  And keeping it is a blessing like no other.  Try it once or twice, and see if YHWH will speak to your heart about it.  There is a reason HE set it aside for us.

Malachi 3:6   For I am YHWH, I change not…

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